There is more to ammunition than just safety. The production, storage, handling and possible destruction ammunition also involve serious environmental and health aspects. Furthermore, terrorism confronts us with new problems. In the past, TNO has carried out numerous studies on the toxicity, physical and chemical characteristics of ammunition-related components and detection of explosives.

TNO - participating in several international research programmes on the environmental effects and safety aspects of ammunition - is in a good position to give sound advice on the proper protective measures for people working with ammunition. The organisation has a wide expertise in all aspects related to the use of ammunition, including ecological aspects. The use of firing ranges and test sites, for instance, causes damage to the environment. TNO is able to measure the exact level of pollution and to model the long-term effects on the environment.

The best protection

TNO also supports local authorities and governmental departments in the Netherlands when it comes to the disposal of unexploded ordnance, in most cases dating from WWII, as well as detection of explosives possibly used by terrorists. In these cases, TNO not only gives advice on health and environmental aspects, but also on safety, the right protective measures, detection equipment, possible evacuation measures and safety plans. Apart from this, the knowledge is applied to the demilitarisation of ammunition that has reached the end of its life cycle. TNO has developed advanced concepts for the safe and environmentally friendly demilitarisation of ammunition, at any given location.


Philip van Dongen BSc