Pyrotechnics is used in several applications, such as fireworks, airbags for cars, infrared flares for military vehicles and igniters for rocket motors and ammunitions. TNO has the knowledge for both civil and military markets to develop and implement pyrotechnic products.

In the production, transport, storage and usage of fireworks safety, environment and quality are of utmost importance for the success of the sector. The expertise and research facilities in the area of pyrotechnics make TNO a dedicated partner for the development, testing and qualification of fireworks related products. Projects in which TNO has played an important role include the development of the Pyropack container, the investigation of the Enschede fireworks disaster, the development of European standards and the research for environmental friendly pyrotechnic compositions.

Simulation and testing

Besides fireworks and flares, pyrotechnics are used in a wide variety of other products such as airbags, cable cutters, igniters, thermites and even fire extinguishers. Due to the growing demands on these products in the field of safety, performance, lifetime and environmental issues the classical pyrotechnic materials and formulations have to be improved or sometimes even replaced. TNO has a broad expertise in the development and application of such pyrotechnic products. The availability of both novel simulation capabilities and modern testing facilities puts us in the right position to provide dedicated pyrotechnic solutions to our customers.

Our work

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