Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics

To sustain growth and prosperity, society and industry require reliable and efficient buildings and production processes that minimise environmental impact and resource consumption. The TNO experts of Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics provides innovative solutions to meet this challenge based on expertise in heat and fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering and measurement and control technology.

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Behind the scenes at our expertise group Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics.

For 40 years, TNO has developed expertise in heat transfer and fluid flow in buildings and processing plants. We specialise in gas and fluid flow in pipelines and process equipment, the energy management of buildings and optimisation of HVAC systems. Our experts use physical and mathematical models to minimise mechanical loads on HVAC and process systems and maximise efficiency, resulting in reliable and efficient production processes and buildings.

In addition to modelling, we benefit from extensive laboratory test facilities and environmental chambers to analyse and evaluate the heat transfer and fluid flow performance of new concepts and validate the accuracy of models. Our understanding of measuring heat and fluid dynamics, noise and vibrations is further employed to analyse the performance of buildings and processing systems in practice, including offshore installations.

Products and Services

TNO offers the following products:

  • PulsimSuite: A software tool that can be used to check API 618/674 compliance.
  • Operation Support Systems: Computer model based real-time monitoring and control systems that identify the most efficient operational strategy and advise the operator accordingly.

We provide advice through our consultancy services, primarily in the areas of:

  • Trouble-shooting: How to quickly solve a specific problem based on on-site measurements and computer model analyses.
  • Design optimisation: Determining the most reliable and/or efficient production strategy based on computer model analyses and scale experiments conducted in our test setups.

In addition to consultancy, we also undertake bespoke R&D projects in which we apply our expertise to help our clients succeed through developing technology that improves their products or production process. Our high-level knowledge, flexibility and creativity allow us to tackle a wide range of design challenges.

We also organize yearly courses that focus on pulsations and vibration control (PVC) or on flow assurance in flow lines and wells (FAFW). Dedicated in-house courses or workshops are organized with clients, addressing more specific subjects, such as uncertainty quantification, flow induced pulsations, measurement techniques and root cause analyses.


To promote the transition towards sustainable energy supply and meet the objective of energy-neutral buildings by 2020, the oil and gas industry and the built environment will play a major role. The group's expertise is mainly applied across five business areas: Gas transport and storage, Offshore production systems, Well and flow line management, Energy performance of buildings and Comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

We help the oil and gas industry achieve reliable and optimal production through expertise in pulsations, noise and vibrations, multiphase flows, flow control and chemistry. Our activities also support industrial innovation, for example developing dust free power tools. With around 35% of the Netherland's primary energy use attributed to buildings, a sustainable but comfortable and healthy built environment is essential. We contribute solutions through innovations in HVAC components, ventilation concepts, smart facades and conducting building energy studies.

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