Sustainable Process & Energy Systems

The diverse background in (bio-)process engineering, gas capture and treatment, and thermal energy at TNO gives us a strong position to work towards a sustainable industry and society. Together with our partners, we set the goal to create new technologies and processes that benefit people & our planet, without compromising profit.

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Behind the scenes at our expertise group Sustainable Process & Energy Systems

Three areas of our current interest are:

  • Green chemistry, where we look at utilization of biobased feedstock for production of chemicals and at sustainable chemical processing, e.g. electrochemical conversions.
  • Gas treatment, which provides solutions, for the production of renewable gases (biogas, syngas, hydrogen, etc.) and for the capture and utilization of CO2.
  • Thermal energy, which covers both energy conversion to heat (and back) as well as heat storage.

Within these areas we create optimised & efficient processes, develop high-performing prototypes, and transfer our knowledge so our partners and clients will gain that competitive edge. This can take the form of sub-systems, but also of complete, integrated setups. In addition, we can arrange benchmarking and test compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.

See below for more in-depth information about our work and technical capabilities in these three areas, as well as recent news items.


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