The next generation of mobile technology will impact consumers and businesses in an unprecedented way. Known as 5G, future communications networks are infrastructure and technology agnostic and will change the way we interact with each other. Communication becomes smarter, at unprecedented speeds and environmental friendly. TNO actively participates in defining and shaping the future of this technology and plays a key role in bringing out the best in industry partners.

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As a leader in innovation, TNO has the history, independence, expertise and scale of size to be the catalyst of emerging technologies. Mobility has been around for nearly two decades and TNO played a key role in its development.

GSM, also known as 2G, introduced wide spread mobile connectivity to the masses. The next step was 3G that gave us mobile data and internet everywhere. 4G has enabled heavy data applications like streaming. And before the present decade is over, 5G will connect large amounts of mobile devices with extremely high throughput with no perceived latency in the data.

Premier assets of 5G

These premier assets of 5G form the basis of new services and applications that society and businesses haven’t even thought of at present.

  • The Internet of Things empowers future living in connected home automation (domotica) systems, which enables a hyperconnected and efficient lifestyle.
  • Machine-to-machine communications facilitate smarter and more productive offices, installations and devices.
  • Future healthcare tailors to individual needs.
  • Smart energy grids create a new vision on energy that transform households into energy producers.
  • The automotive industry produces autonomous connected vehicles saving lives and reducing traffic jams.

Many other markets and branches also benefit from the amazingly fast data rates with no perceived delay that 5G offers to massive amounts of always connected secure devices with reduced energy consumption.

The bigger picture

To provide these benefits of 5G, the networking industry and telecoms providers are working on end-to-end 5G networks to be rolled out in 2020. 5G also brings huge operational benefits to the communications industry thanks to its innovative technological specifications. TNO is key in supporting vendors to reach the limits of mobile technology and to optimize revenues for telecoms operators. Through research, testing and pilots, TNO creates the bigger picture of mobile innovation and the basis for new profitable offerings. TNO’s role is vital for industry partners in translating technical and operational requirements for the optimal deployment of 5G networks into business and consumer services with a focus on people and applications. Because one thing is clear, 5G will have an irreversible impact on society.

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