Strategic Business Analysis

The Strategic Business Analysis expertise of TNO provides insight in the innovations that sustainably boost the competitiveness of industry and the wellbeing of society. We fashion a flywheel for innovation by translating technological possibilities into new business models based on market insights. Strategic Business Analysis ensures that technological innovations succeed in the market and promotes the sustainable growth of your company.

SBA colleague Mascha van Dort about 3D-printing

Strategic Business Analaysis cooperates closely with both public and private parties. We are committed to support your business activities in the following ways:

  • We develop new business models to ensure a new technology becomes an innovative success.
  • We analyse the business opportunities of new technologies that boost the growth of your company.
  • We provide insight in economic trends and sustainability challenges by carrying out impact assessments.
  • We form business alliances with suitable partners to strengthen your business case in a sustainable network.
  • We link our business insights with TNO's technical expert knowledge such that you can steer on both strategy and content.
  • We write and analyse business cases that allow you to take sensible investment decisions.
  • We expose the economic and societal values of an innovation that enable you to make informed policy choices.

Our focus

Our expertise encompasses all markets where there is a need or desire for innovations. More specifically, we focus on topics in industry, energy, defence and security, and mobility.

Strategic Business Analysis publishes frequently about its latest insights.

Please click here to read the most recent column of our expert Dr. David Langley in the Financieel Dagblad (in Dutch).

Our work

3D printing makes food unique

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Carbon cap

In the FP7 Carbon-Cap (Carbon emission mitigation by consumption-based accounting and policy) project we identify technical consumption based opportunities and policy measures to reduce CO2 emissions supporting the current EU and global climate policy.

Carbon cap
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