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At TNO's Strategic Business Analaysis department 40 bright professionals continuously seek to solve business and economic challenges. The department offers strategic consultancy, develops new business models, and supports the implementation of innovations.

Strategic Business Analysis gives advice about strategic investment decisions and cooperative challenges within consortia. We rely on qualitative and quantitative methods and enjoy close cooperation with colleagues from our  technical departments to reach our goals. We enhance the innovative capacity of our customers, while simultaneously accounting for the dynamics and cashflows of the market and social goals.

Examples of the challenges we face include:

  • What business models are suitable for sustainable energy developments?
  • Which companies need to work together to recover scarce materials from end-of-life electronic equipment?
  • What is the effect of changing cashflows on the role parties play within a consortium?
  • What are the social costs and benefits of an innovation on the circular economy?
  • Will these high tech products become profitable, and if so, on which market and how much profit will they generate?

You will be working in an innovative project environment with multidisciplinary teams in close collaboration with virtually all other units of TNO.

As a Consultant or Scientist at SBA you are expected to put analyses in a corporate or social perspective, draw appropriate conclusions, and carry these out. This should lead you to deliver a positive contribution to the impact of the results in multidisciplinary projects.

We are looking for entrepreneurial candidates with a degree or relevant experience in econometrics, mathematics or business adminiatration. Are you creative, innovative and independent? Contact us now!

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Strategic Business Analysis