Sustainable Transport and Logistics

To support clean and sustainable mobility we measure, analyze and model vehicle and transport emissions, and relate them to technologies. For effective policies behavioral and economic aspects are taken into account. In addition we contribute to the strategy for the mainport region of the future, to the application of ICT for optimizing logistic chains and to the design, planning and management of common logistic processes.

Assessment of effectiveness of fuel-reducing measures applied to trucks

TNO builds its advices on extensive knowledge of national and international mobility and logistic systems. This is supported by laboratory and 'real-world' measurements and simulations of relevant systems and subsystems.
Examples of this work are

  • Measurements of vehicle emissions, both in the lab and in real traffic
  • Modeling of traffic emissions and development of emission factors
  • Assessment of vehicle and driveline technologies, monitoring of pilots with sustainable technologies
  • Concepts and technologies for environmentally-friendly dynamic traffic management
  • Strategies for The Netherlands as a hub in in worldwide freight chains
  • Concepts and agreements for design, planning and management of common logistic processes
  • Use of ICT for optimizing the performance of (international) logistic chains

The knowledge, methods and models developed by TNO are applied to several sectors of the mobility and logistics system:

  • Assessment of the environmental impacts and other aspects of existing and future powertrain technologies for governments and other stakeholders, such that appropriately informed strategic decisions can be made
  • Providing the basic data of current and future road-vehicle emissions, which are used by a variety of stakeholders in inventories, planning, solution development and assessments
  • Development of concepts for environmentally-friendly traffic management and mobility systems
  • Development of trade-logistic concepts with smart utilization of ICT
  • Logistic partnerships in the build and construction supply chain, innovative concepts for city distribution, improved logistic efficiency by cooperation and control organizations for logistic cooperation
  • Foresight studies of freight transport and logistics in order to identify bottle necks, evaluation of measures and development of strategic visions
  • State-of-the-art emission model VERSIT+ is based on 25 years of measuring vehicle emissions.
  • Multi-annual framework contracts for advising national governments and European governmental bodies in the areas of traffic emissions, legislation, supporting policy and so forth
  • In several projects, we record real-world data of pilots/tests with new, sustainable vehicle technologies. From the systematical analyses of this data conclusions are drawn regarding effectiveness, costs, user experiences etc.
  • In a cluster of projects including CASSANDRA and iCargo we develop trade-logistic concepts based on datasharing.
  • We organize logistic co-operations between companies in different phases, including cooperation strategies and visions, partner choice, design, logistic concepts and evaluation.
  • Development and application of freight transport models for answering policy questions regarding freight transport and logistics of the European Commission, national governments, port authorities and infrastructure administration bodies.


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