Smart vehicles

Automated driving on public roads can improve traffic flow and safety as well as reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. In order to realise the great potential of automated driving, connected and cooperative technology is essential. TNO can safely demonstrate exactly how this works, both virtually and in practice.

Real-time signal from bicycle can reduce number of serious accidents

04 February 2021
Research done by TNO, Bosch and Shimano shows: additional communication improves car’s emergency brake system. Read more

New TNO hydrogen lab brings hydrogen as a clean fuel closer

04 February 2021
TNO's Innovation Centre for Sustainable Powertrains (ICSP) in Helmond is firmly committed to the application of hydrogen. On Wednesday 3 February, the first large quantity of this clean gas was delivered... Read more

Case study analysis: Governance models for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

26 January 2021
TNO has conducted research into the various governance models for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. MaaS is a concept that is developing worldwide,... Read more

CE Delft and TNO give an overview of the impact of Smart Mobility on the transport system

04 December 2020
The combined development of different emerging technologies such as blockchain, connectivity and artificial intelligence will accelerate and mature in the coming decade and boost innovations in Smart... Read more

Lifespan batteries increased due to trip planning

07 July 2020
A trip planning that takes the actual age of a battery into account has a positive impact on the ultimate lifespan of that battery. The results of Fleetlife, a joint feasibility study of Amber and TNO,... Read more

SMART and Safe Traffic and Transport

Dr. ir. Maurice Kwakkernaat

Appl.AI Webinar #2: How safe are self-driving cars?


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