Introducing fuel cells cost-effectively into your fleet?

Recent developments and the impending energy transition show that hydrogen as an energy carrier will be part of the transition towards an final solution for a CO2 neutral transport system. Although hydrogen-powered vehicles are already on the market, a major step still has been taken towards making this type of vehicle an integral part of the transport system.

Knowledge and experience are needed to enable the deployment of current and future fuel cell technology in existing or new transport systems in an efficient and predictable manner. TNO is working on models and a tool suite with validated and predictive models and algorithms. With this tool suite, our advanced testing facilities and proven methodologies, we enable the development, introduction and optimisation of fuel cell systems in any mobility application.

The fuel cell, more than an alternative to batteries

TNO’s advanced tool suite enables more with the fuel cell. In addition to the advantages of using hydrogen as a CO2-neutral energy carrier, our analyses and (online) control also enable further optimisation of the fuel cell.  By using a hybrid (fuel cell/batteries) solution, our models and predictive control algorithms can prescribe optimum configuration for any application, and subsequent online optimisation. In other words, a cost-optimised solution that eliminates the disadvantages of the individual systems.

Why TNO?

Based on its validated fuel cell models - and the addition of new algorithms for determining the functional and physical status of the fuel cell - TNO can present a choice to potential users of clean and sustainable transport vehicles. This enables them to make the right investment choice for the new vehicle. TNO helps determine the best possible fuel cell-battery combination for a specific use, resulting in a robust, efficient and reliable powertrain with the lowest possible TCO.

More specifically, TNO offers

  • A complete and flexible tool suite based on our ADVANCE framework. The tool suite also collaborates with other models and algorithms within and outside TNO.
  • Validated models and algorithms that, combined with our proven methodologies, quickly deliver efficient solutions
  • Unique and very extensive testing facilities to deal with all fuel cell issues.

Want to know more?

Do you want more information about what TNO can do for you? For example, in the field of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles? Or about determining the vehicle’s energy optimum? Then please contact us.


Rob Schut BSc

  • Power trains

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