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SDG 11 | Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable growth is a major challenge for the cities of the future. Resilient cities should offer opportunities for all, with access to adequate housing, basic services, transportation and housing, while reducing environmental impact. We are strongly positioned to deal with this challenge because of the in-depth knowledge of our different expertise groups that can be combined into integral solutions and innovations.


TROPOMI satellite

Together with partners we developed the TROPOMI satellite. This satellite provides a very accurate mapping of air pollution down to city level. This information can be used by governments to see whether environmental regulations are being followed.

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IMPACT: Sustainable Urban Mobility and Accessibility

Sustainable Urban Mobility and Accessibility

We offer cities an integrated set of instruments with which they can improve their accessibility, health and economic vitality. By integrating operational monitoring with tactical and strategic decision-making, SUAM provides effective solutions for policy makers.

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IMPACT: Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Together with the Province of North-Holland we published the paper “The societal value of Smart Mobility”. The paper explains how Smart Mobility can contribute to better accessibility, and how it influences health and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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IMPACT: Cold Bricks Malawi

Cold Bricks Malawi

Deforestation is one of the major environmental challenges for Malawi. Together with partners we developed Cold Bricks that do not require heating nor firing and thus limit the impact on the environment. With this technology we also boost local entrepreneurship, especially among women.

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