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SDG 3 | Good health and well-being

SDG 3 is about ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. Important pillars are the prevention of premature death caused by communicable- non-communicable diseases, and mental illness. Our Healthy Living unit focuses on four domains; Youth, Work, Biomedical Health and Digital Lifestyle. Also other units, like Energy Transition and Industry, take the impact in account of their work on the health of a population.

IMPACT: Corona TNO Sneltest

We developed a fast, cheap and reliable corona test that could detect the COVID-19 virus within an hour.

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IMPACT: D-score: Dutch youth health care goes international

D-score: Dutch youth health care goes international

To prevent delays in the development of children, we need a system to trackdevelopment . That’s why we developed the D-score, which now forms the scientific backbone for integrating measurements on child development from other countries.

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IMPACT: Delta Diagnostics | Biosensors will save lives worldwide

Delta Diagnostics | Biosensoren gaan wereldwijd levens redden

TNO is well advanced in the development of a biosensor This is a small device that can analyze a drop of blood to determine whether someone has been disposed to nerve gas, has an infectious disease or has had a heart attack. Delta Diagnostic is our spin-off that is currently bringing the sensor from the laboratory to the market.

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