TNO: partner in waste recycling


How TNO helps the recycling waste sector

For the journey towards a circular economy, recycling is a crucial component. That's why TNO assists the sector in innovating by assessing scenarios, applications, and measures. This includes new product designs, sustainable technologies for plastic recycling, and the reuse of valuable waste materials. Additionally, strategies are developed to reduce the spread of microplastics. Discover how TNO contributes to a circular economy through innovations and collaboration.

From 30% to 50% circular plastics

Currently, 70% of plastics are incinerated. We believe this must improve swiftly. Hence, we've set our ambition for 2030: by then, 50% of plastics must be produced in a circular manner. Through innovative production and recycling technologies, we aim to make this ambitious goal achievable.


How TNO can help you grow

Do you want to start a company, but do you need scientific substantiation? TNO helps you with research.



Do you want to develop a product or service, but you don't have the facilities or resources for it? TNO helps you with the development.


Therefore TNO

Are you looking for collaborations? TNO is happy to provide you with advice.


'Annually, we incinerate 7 million tonnes of waste. For a circular economy, we need to convert more materials into raw materials.'

Kim Meulenbroeks


Would you like to know how to collaborate with TNO?

Innovations are created through collaboration. This can only be achieved with partners. Hence, we collaborate annually with around 3,000 major multinational corporations, SMEs, universities, research institutions, and governments, both domestically and internationally, to tackle common challenges.

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21 May 2024
Western North Brabant is becoming the hotspot for biobased building blocks. With 11 partners, we are working together to turn vegetable waste streams into sustainable building materials: think grass that turns into glue and sugar beet pulp that is turned into paint.

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