Innovation for development

Globally, 4 billion people live below poverty-level, mainly in developing countries. This offers a tremendous opportunity in terms of consumer markets and production capacity. In addition, it provides an opportunity to develop local entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation. TNO creates impact at low-income groups. In public-private partnerships we develop and launch innovations with social and financial impact: ‘Inclusive Business’.

Creating Impact

Important global challenges are the growing world population, approaching 9 billion people, and increased prosperity and related living standard. This will results in a global scarcity of food, energy and resources. People with lowest incomes will be the first impacted by these issues. It’s our responsibility to develop new solutions which lead to poverty alleviation and create wealth and income generation. Business that has social and financial impact. This improves the stability and safety throughout the world.

Inclusive business

Successful innovation at low-income groups in developing countries is not a straight forward business. Innovation is required to develop successful business propositions in these low-income markets. On the one hand technical innovation for sustainable solutions in energy, ICT, nutritious food, etc. and on the other hand, innovation in business models and scaling strategies. TNO is the innovation partner here. With technical knowhow as well as experience on business modelling and transition management we launch inclusive businesses. These inclusive businesses are market driven, social and financial sustainable for all partners.

Public private partnerships

Inclusive businesses are always developed in close collaboration with the private sector, civil society organizations, public partners, knowledge institutes and end-users. We have a good network in Africa and Asia. Currently, at least 20 projects are running ranging across the following topics:

  • Access to nutritious food: alternative protein sources and post-harvest technologies
  • Clean drinking water: purification
  • Health: mother and child care
  • Sustainable energy: decentralized electrification with solar and biogas
  • Mobile services: communication solutions
  • Sustainable production: clean and safe industrial production
  • Resilience: disaster risk reduction and building strong communities

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TNO will scale up innovations in developing countries

23 January 2019
Through Innovation for Development, TNO will enhance business opportunities and employability for local and Dutch companies in developing countries. This in turn will increase the effects of the Sustainable... Read more

A healthy start for Surinamese babies from teenage parents

19 June 2018
Together with partners in the Netherlands and Suriname, TNO and Perisur developed an interactive educational program for teenagers focusing on a healthy start for babies including planning a pregnancy... Read more

Reducing food wastage in India

18 June 2018
No less than 40% of the harvest withers away before it can reach the supermarket shelves in the Indian cities. FoodTechIndia reduces food wastage through the establishment of an improved supply and cold... Read more

Rwanda Biomass Valorisation Center

13 June 2018
TNO is exploring the feasibility of a biomass valorization center in Rwanda. The study aims to get an overview of existing bio-waste volumes, market demand for bio-based products and linking possible in-... Read more

Combatting youth unemployment in South Africa

12 June 2018
In the Johannesburg region unemployment rates have increased to over 50%. Unemployment may have long term detrimental effects on health and societal inclusion, especially among young people. To better... Read more

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