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TNO innovates in developing and emerging countries. With technical know-how we develop and launch new products and services with a sustainable business model in the field of health, food, construction materials, circular economy and ICT. Our system innovations increase the perspective of vulnerable groups and create business propositions for local and European companies in underserved consumer markets. We frame this impact on the SDG’s.

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global challenges

The tremendous increase of the world population to 9 billion in 2040 in combination with a growing level of wealth and consumption will cause scarcity of natural resources. We do need 70% more food and we need more energy and biomass to produce all the required goods. The two billion people living below poverty level will be affected first by scarcities. Infrastructure is now stretched beyond limits and innovation is needed to facilitate sustainable development.

Inclusive innovation

With the innovative power of 3,200 experts TNO develops new products and services matching the needs of low-income groups. With technical know-how we develop new products and services with a sustainable business model in the field of health, food, construction materials, circular economy and ICT. In close collaboration with private and public partners, we launch these products in the local market and realize integrated system innovations. TNO offers technical assistance, transition management of value chains and business modelling.


We work with an extensive network of partners from private sector, NGO’s, governments and social impact investors in Europe, (Eastern) Africa and Asia. If you are interested to join forces; please contact us!

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Reaching impact on SDG’s

Our innovations boost local entrepreneurship, employability and access to affordable basic services for most vulnerable people. It utilizes the unspent local production capacities, increases the perspective of local people and creates business propositions for local and European companies in underserved consumer markets.

In each project we frame our impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We map outputs, outcomes and where possible the realized or envisioned impact. 

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Join our SDG-3 workshop on innovative antenatal care during SDG action day 2020

21 September 2020
During the virtual SDG Action Day 2020 on September 25, TNO will organise the international workshop ‘Saving lives at birth, how to realize this goal by shared innovation’. We focus on the innovative approach... Read more

SolarICE: new off-grid cooling technology

21 September 2020
In developing countries there is a huge need for cooling systems, that are affordable and operate off-grid. Think about cooling vegetables and fruits directly after harvesting, cooling milk during transport... Read more

Tough Turtles and Courageous Dinosaurs: boosting the resilience of children worldwide

18 September 2020
The impact of traumatic childhood experiences can continue into physical and mental disorders in adulthood. Profound experiences are death of family members or being on the run in conflict areas. Resilience... Read more

Cementless, 100% locally made blocks for energy efficient housing

16 September 2020
The biggest obstacle in scaling Compressed Earth Blocks for housing is the price and environmental effect of cement which needs to be used as a binder. 5-7% of the block is cement, responsible for 50%... Read more

How can we ensure facemask efficacy and availability?

01 July 2020
Dozens of healthcare organisations have asked TNO the same questions: ‘How can caregivers remain well protected as they come into contact with coronavirus patients? And is there a way to prevent a shortage... Read more

TNO and its social role

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