Social corporate responsibility

TNO’s motto is ‘Innovation for life’: we connect people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably boost companies’ competitiveness and increase wellbeing across society. As an independent public organisation, we want to do this in a responsible and sustainable way. TNO has adopted a clear policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to put its ambitions in this area into practice in its operations. The CSR policy is closely linked to TNO's strategic goals.

Corporate social responsibility policy

TNO's CSR policy focuses on the five key points listed below:

  • TNO aims to have made its operations climate-neutral by 2040.
  • TNO is committed to the international framework of the UN Global Compact and endorses the ten principles for sustainable operations.
  • TNO recognises its supply-chain responsibility with respect to both suppliers and customers.
  • In the transition to sustainable business operations, TNO is focusing on the following priorities: integrity, energy and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and working conditions.
  • TNO intends to include the CSR priorities in the annual plans of the relevant departments.

Steering transitions

In the TNO Sustainability Report 2020, these key points have been translated into 4 priorities: Supply-Chain Responsibility, Energy & Sustainability, Working Conditions and Innovating Responsibly. We report extensively and in depth on these priorities.

UN Global Compact: Principles and SDG's

TNO joined the UN Global Compact in 2020. By joining, TNO has committed itself to the ten UN principles on socially responsible business practices and the ten Sustainable Development Goals. We are focusing on seven SDGs where TNO can achieve the greatest social impact, thanks to its knowledge and the position it occupies. Our contribution to the seven SDGs is clearly illustrated in an impact model.