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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) within TNO

At TNO, everyone needs to feel at home and receive equal opportunity to develop themselves, regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, nationality, neurotype or disability. We strive for a work environment in which we employ our differences to maximize our creativity, innovation and talent development.

We strive for an inclusive learning and working environment in which we make use of the differences between us to stimulate our creativity, innovation and talent development as much as possible in order to realize the goals of TNO.

Diversity in thinking helps us in meeting our goals. By actively bringing together people of a different gender, age, nationality, we are more innovative and creative than homogeneous teams, we make better decisions and perform better in the long run. Striving for more international diversity also means a larger international talent pool to explore and more business opportunities in a larger international market.

Plenty of reason for TNO to take up diversity and inclusion as a focus area in our strategy for 2022-2025. In order to actively solidify D&I within our organisation and our employees’ behaviour, TNO has appointed a D&I-officer and a diversity steering group. During the coming months and years we will combine these efforts to make TNO an even better place to work.

TNO Celebrates Diversity – Rainbow Logo During Pride Week 2021

On Saturday July 31st, Pride Amsterdam took off: the one and only festival that celebrates that you can be who you are and you can love whomever you like. TNO is proud of its LHBTQIA+ community. That is why during Pride 2021 we are changing our logo to reflect the pride flag. Because at TNO, there is room for everyone under the rainbow.

Nationality, sexuality and gender

As TNO we strengthen the knowledge base of the Netherlands by cooperating with internationally leading knowledge partners, companies and governments. With new international insights and technical solutions, we make Dutch society healthier and safer and ensure a sustainable and strong economy. This requires that there are two working languages within TNO: Dutch and English.

TNO employees are expected to be able to understand and use both languages at an appropriate level. Everyone has the opportunity to improve their language skills in Dutch or English through training. The choice of one of the two languages depends on the situation, but the starting point is that non-Dutch speakers can fully participate and understand what it is all about.

TNO wants to be a home for talent of all ages and genders. Through mentoring but also, for example, the Female Leadership Program, female colleagues are actively supported in realizing their ambitions.


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TNO as an employer

Dr. Helma van den Berg

  • D&I Officer

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