Industry: ‘Innovating for employment, welfare and well-being’

Dutch industry is world class. The country’s industrial sector, its suppliers and related services (including ICT) are an important component (80%) of its exports and create high-value employment. To retain this position the sector has to constantly innovate. TNO regards it as its responsibility to contribute towards the continuous renewal of Dutch industry through ongoing development and the implementation of key technologies.

Industry is an indispensable factor in the solving of society’s problems. TNO is eager to help industry meet these challenges with our technical expertise in all areas, including sensors, optics, flexible electronics, 3D printing and chemistry.

We focus on the development and use of the following key technologies:

  • Smart Industry concepts based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and robotics
  • New, functional (nano)materials
  • Improved computing power through nanotechnology and quantum computing
  • Photonics and optics for perception and communication in space
  • The development of renewable raw materials


Technological innovation is always the foundation. ‘Smart Industry’, in which the digitization of production processes is accelerated, is a good example. Deploying new production technologies such as 3D printing can make production processes more efficient, cheaper, and qualitatively better. Smarter machines, robots, and other production process components can also communicate with each other, allowing them to work together optimally. This optimization of connected processes can occur not just within a single company, but also between different companies in the value chain. “Many technologies are very versatile – look at 3D printing, for instance. We develop a platform technology, which we first test on a single application in the market. We then improve the technology, or expand it to include a subsequent application, and deploy it in another, perhaps different market,” explains Arnold Stokking, managing director of the Industry unit.


Together with business and knowledge partners we are building ecosystems in this region. Around a given platform technology we create a strong public-private partnership that shares the use of the best facilities. Working together allows us to develop more knowledge, and to ensure that the tools we create can be deployed more promptly.

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Arnold Stokking

  • Smart Industry
  • Solliance
  • HTSM
  • ESI
  • Holst

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