Charting and accelerating the digital transformation. ICT is offering excellent opportunities to solve all kinds of societal challenges, ensuring innovation and continuing economic growth. It is a key area for many sectors and other technologies. The rapid digital transformation of our society requires a framework for action. TNO's ambition is to help its clients to achieve complex digital transformations, using its knowledge of technology, policy and business models.

ICT innovation is everywhere. It is being used to improve road safety and solve the problem of traffic congestion for example, because ICT systems are capable of exchanging data so quickly and reliably that self-driving cars are becoming feasible. Another trend is that more and more people are collecting data about their health status - enabled partly through smart sensors in devices and software systems that can take measurements and make decisions.

Technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptography, algorithms and quantum computers are all coming together to produce ICT innovations.

The Information & Communication Technology unit works for clients in fields such as telecoms, banks, defence and security, industry, energy, construction, healthcare, mobility and logistics. We are also seeking out cooperation with knowledge partners and other TNO units.

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Drs. Henk-Jan Vink

  • Information & Communication Technology