Information & Communication Technology: 'Interpreting and accelerating digital transformation'

Information and Communication Technology presents new opportunities for solving all kinds of societal challenges, and fuels innovation and economic growth. However, the rapid digital transformation of society has issues of its own. TNO aims to assist its clients through complex digital transformations by leveraging its know-how in ICT, policy and business models.

Innovations in ICT are being applied in a variety of sectors. Traffic safety could be improved and traffic jams prevented, for instance, if ICT systems exchanged information so quickly and reliably that cars could drive themselves. And more and more people are collecting data on their own personal health, partly thanks to smart sensors in devices and software systems that can measure and analyse. But ICT innovations are not driven by concrete applications alone; technological breakthroughs, such as encryption and algorithms for the first quantum computer, are an important stimulus for ICT innovation.

TNO’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) unit works with clients, partners and other TNO units in domains such as ICT, telecoms, defence and security, high-tech industry, the energy sector, mobility and logistics. In concrete terms, we work in three main areas: data-driven innovations, robust networks, and integrated computer systems.


A good example of collaboration in the field of data-driven innovations can be found at the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Centre, where we are working with a variety of partners on MOS2S and other projects, developing and testing audio-visual Smart City technologies that meet the needs of urban inhabitants and embedding these solutions in a dedicated ‘Smart City Playground’.


We are working on highly reliable network technologies in 5Groningen, for instance, the ultimate testing ground for the latest generation of mobile internet. We are working together with entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and experts to test 5G applications in the fields of healthcare, energy, traffic and logistics, agriculture, and the living environment.


Our third focus is on integrated computer systems often known as ‘embedded systems’ that are built into complex devices such as radar systems and MRI scanners. We perform this research together with various partners within our Joint Innovation Centre TNO-ESI . The development of high-tech systems is becoming ever more complex, so it makes sense to collaborate with other parties facing the same problem when renewing and digitizing development strategies.

As a unit, we are developing digital innovations for and with a broad range of clients and partners. We want to expand our collaboration links, bring parties together, and put our know-how to practical use. Are you struggling with the complexity of digital transformation – or do you have answers? Get in touch!


Drs. Henk-Jan Vink

  • Networked Information


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