Monitoring & Control Services

Monitoring & Control Services generates IT solutions for complex monitoring and control tasks in domains like sustainable energyindustry and Infrastructure, and defence.

The complexity of the tasks may lie in various factors:

  • large quantities of real-time sensor data that must be decoded, as in the case of the earthquake dossier in Groningen that we compiled for the NAM
  • multiple stakeholders who want to combine their data so that they can use this as a basis for arriving at better choices and/or better cooperation with each other in the way we do in the cattle-farming sector to optimise milk production
  • matching local demand and supply in a market that is difficult to predict in terms of multiple optimisation parameters, as we do with Powermatcher and Heatmatcher in the energy sector to facilitate the deployment of renewable energy sources

Our expertise

The Monitoring & Control Services (MCS) department comprises some 50 professionals in The Hague and Groningen who focus on the following four core areas of expertise:

Large-scale data storage and processing
We know how to extract valuable information from large-scale (sensor) infrastructures. We have knowledge of distributed (open source) data processing and storage platforms, information architectures and the data-driven analysis of (sensor) data. We have developed tools/products like AnySense that are geared to collecting, storing and distributing large quantities of sensor data.

Distributed (energy) flexibility services
We know how to realise centralised and distributed control of hybrid energy systems that also takes account of the local situation. We are knowledgeable in the field of power grid stability, matching the demand and supply of electricity and heating, electric transport and system integration on the basis of a hybrid energy system. We have developed tools/products like the Powermatcher Suite that is geared to balancing the demand and supply of electricity on the basis of a pricing mechanism that uses a generic interface to devices (EF-PI) that we also developed and the Heatmatcher that targets the balancing of heat demand/supply.

Multi-stakeholder data and architectures
We know how we can bring together multiple organisations to create added value from sharing data. We have knowledge of open innovation in a value chain and aligning IT to business objectives and processes.

Shared information platforms
We facilitate collaboration across the chain and interactive decision support through the realisation of information platforms. We have knowledge of data visualisation and interaction, scalable information platforms for streaming data and flexible computing infrastructures. We have developed tools/products like CommonSense, a visualisation framework for deciphering information for different stakeholders on multi-touch tables, laptops and mobile devices as well as Transient Apps, a software platform for automatically promoted apps on a smart phone that are fully context independent.

Expertise groups

Dr Andreea Balau

  • Monitoring & Control Services