The global Corona lockdowns have shown us that modern technology can enable a society to function without physical contact. We work, have drinks together and buy services via Skype, Zoom and Teams as if we had never done otherwise, and we fully embrace the unexpected benefits in terms of time, money and convenience.  

However, the recent period has also taught us that there is still a great deal to be gained from a technical perspective. A lot of non-verbal communication is still getting lost. Certainly with shared experiences, in which you communicate or collaborate with other people, current techniques still fall short. 

Combat loneliness with Social XR.

The rise of social VR technology

There is an exponentially growing demand worldwide for innovative applications where social interaction takes place at a distance. For platforms that allow our real and virtual worlds to merge into one another in a very intuitive way, creating an Extended Reality (XR). This gives an enormous enrichment to remote collaboration and meetings. And this XR technology also offers unprecedented opportunities for both the media-entertainment and care and mobility sectors.

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VR travel: a dream of the future or reality?

Together with KLM, we give our perspective on the future of travel and the use of new technology such as VR.

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opportunities for providers of communication services

Our digital infrastructure in the Netherlands is one of the most advanced in the world, offering great advantages and opportunities. The potential of XR applications is overwhelming and the playing field of developers is in the throes of change. For example, there is an eagerness for the first large-scale communication service that can link reality and virtuality in an accessible way. It is important for providers of large-scale communication services to be quick to claim their share in order to remain relevant.

Do you want to know how Social VR can help your organisation move forward?

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TNO’s Medialab

TNO is one of the world leaders in the field of Social XR developments. In our Medialab we are working on a generic open source XR development platform for social and shared experiences, making many scenarios possible. This will accelerate a range of new possibilities grafted onto XR technology.  

And thanks to our knowledge of digital networks and chains in the Netherlands and Europe, embedding in existing or future systems can be taken into account immediately when developing and testing new applications. In this way, we keep implementation costs low and development speed optimal.

Further co-development with TNO

Choose TNO as your independent partner to really accelerate that essential time to market of XR applications. We also have in-house specialists to guide you through your search for the right project form, approach and partners in these kinds of complex innovation projects.  

opportunities for organisations in Care, Media Entertainment, Communication and Mobility

TNO cooperates with organisations in all kinds of sectors in the development of new XR applications. Do you want to know how this can help your organisation move forward? Contact Tom de Koninck.

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