We are increasingly becoming a ‘Smart Society’: a society in which information is created through the correct use of data. Today’s video conferencing tools will evolve further towards Social Extended Reality (XR) versions, especially now with the enormous impact of the Corona pandemic. In addition, technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will become a natural part of our daily lives.

New XR-tools require 'digital six-lane highway'

However, these new technologies, such as Social XR, require much more from the existing digital infrastructure and will only become commonplace if they work on a large scale accurately, cheaply and without too much equipment, and are available everywhere. We need to innovate more and faster in our digital infrastructure if we want the Dutch digital highways to remain the vital arteries for tomorrow’s digital services.

On top of your game together with TNO 

This is why TNO is working hard on innovations for an optimally functioning digital infrastructure where demanding applications such as XR applications work problem-free alongside all other applications that use the same network. 

In our test facilities we have end-to-end network and ICT chains at our disposal, enabling us to test a wide range of innovations, applications and scenarios.  

Customised capacity with network slicing

For example, we are working hard on the development of network slicing, which allows service providers to easily deliver customised network functions for specific sectors or customers. By virtually dividing mobile networks into ‘slices’, an individual unique network is created. With all the associated benefits: less complexity, more individual control and flexibility, and guaranteed customised performance for the customer. 

Optimal Infrastructure requires optimal cooperation

An advanced flexible digital infrastructure can only succeed if we connect existing digital networks and platforms like Clouds, Edge Computing and data centres and deploy them variably. These are complex processes in which our service providers, network providers, platform providers and cloud services must optimise their cooperation but, by so doing, enable them to strengthen their position and seize economic opportunities.

In such a partnership TNO works together with service providers from all sectors such as telecom, (health)care, business and agriculture. Naturally, the authorities and industry are also involved. In these kinds of complex innovation projects finding the right project form, approach and partners is an art in itself. This is why Innovation Orchestrators are active within TNO. 

Wondering how TNO can help pave the digital way for tomorrow's services?

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