A sustainable future is the only future

The ambition of the unit Energy Transition is to accelerate the energy transition together with knowledge institutions, companies and the government so that in 2050 the Netherlands will have an energy regime free of CO2 emissions. The energy transition also offers the Dutch business community the opportunity to lead the way and to export their innovative products and thus contribute to the energy transition worldwide.

In order to meet the climate targets of Paris, it is necessary to accelerate the energy transition. The challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions by phasing in sustainable energy and gradually phasing out fossil energy while keeping the energy supply secure, available and affordable. Energy saving is also an important tool. The energy transition requires major technical and social shifts in all sectors of the economy, among the authorities and citizens.

For the transition to energy management free of CO2 emissions, innovations are needed from technical, social and policy perspectives. 

The unit Energy Transition has a twofold mission: to accelerate the energy transition and to strengthen the competitive position of the Netherlands. The unit Energy Transition conducts independent and internationally leading research and we stand for an agenda-setting, initiating and supporting role for government, industry and NGOs.

Eight Innovationprogrammes

The ambitions of the unit Energy Transition are formulated in eight coherent innovation programmes (roadmaps) that are aligned with the energy agenda and the coalition government agreement. Through these programmes the unit Energy Transition strives for a significant increase in solar power, large-scale generation of wind power, a broadly supported energy transition, an energy-producing built environment, CO2-neutral fuels and raw materials, CO2-neutral industry and a sustainable and reliable energy system. The new innovation programmes cover all the relevant parts of the energy transition. Every day 700 top researchers from the unit Energy Transition work to accelerate the energy transition such as the examples below on which we work and strive for an international leading position.

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