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The Geo Data & IT expert group makes extensive data sets of a wide range of subsurface data digitally accessible. The data are then utilised for development planning, policymaking and scientific research, among other things. The primary goal is to contribute to solutions to societal issues and realise a sustainable future. We do this on behalf of the government, regional water authorities, municipalities and the business community.

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Behind the scenes at our expertise group Geo Data & IT

Enhancing the information chain

Our expertise extends across the entire information chain, from collecting and enriching information to making data available. This broad-scale expertise is unique in our field. For example, we describe subsurface core samples in our own borehole sample description spaces.

We digitise research data, interpret those data, and ensure that they are accessible in portals. We even have a Central Core Storage facility, where we store subsurface core samples. A large collection of soil and rock samples – collected at sea and on land over more than 100 years – is stored in the facility. It is a unique archive of the subsurface. The Central Core Storage is very valuable for a number of stakeholders.

Defining the Dutch subsurface

In addition, we primarily focus on data storage, data processing and quality control. These activities are also part of our statutory responsibilities, as established in the Dutch Mining Act and Key Register of the Subsurface Act. The Acts concern data from the Dutch subsurface, including the Dutch portion of the continental shelf (North Sea) and the Dutch Caribbean territory.

Making extensive data sets accessible

We provide data management solutions in the geology domain, with innovative IT tools and software development. We ensure that subsurface data is accessible. We manage well-known portals, including BROloket (Dutch only), DINOloket and NLOG. Our data and IT expertise form the foundation for other Geological Survey of the Netherlands teams. These model-makers, consultants and experts all use Geo Data and IT data facilities. Our data work forms the basis of everything related to geology, both inside and outside our organisation.

Impression of GeoTOP model of North Brabant and North & Central Limburg with geological units and their main soil types.

Using innovation for advancement

We also play a key role in the development and management of another unique resource: the Dutch Key Register of the Subsurface (BRO). The BRO is an open, governmental database of standardised information about the Dutch subsurface.

Furthermore, we ensure that the 3-D GeoTOP model, which displays the subsurface up to a maximum of 50 metres below Dutch Ordnance Datum (NAP), is available in 3-D in all of our portals. Our international R&D focuses, in particular, on the European GeoERA programme, which aims to realise a European Geological Survey. After all, geology does not stop at a country’s borders, and all advancements begin with well-connected data.

Ready for your challenges

Our enthusiastic team is dedicated to making sure that, with the help of modern IT solutions, subsurface information is available in every possible way. This information is – literally and figuratively – the foundation of questions about urban development, climate adaptation, sustainable energy, geothermal energy, subsidence, raw material policies, groundwater, area development, the construction of (large) infrastructure, and much more. So, if you have a question that geographical data and IT can answer, please call our Service Desk: +31 88 86 64 300.


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