Gas Treatment

Sustainable Process & Energy Systems develops technology for gas capture (example CO2) and treatment (example biogas) to work towards cleaner industry.

The release of gases such as CO2, H2S and SOx has a harmful effect on the environment for our current and future generations. In The Netherlands, TNO has a leading position in providing advice and solutions to the recovery, recycle and reuse of gas sources containing CO2, H2S, SOx etc. This leading position originates from a combination of solid funded models, chief role in successful implementation of multinational projects such as CESAR, CATO etc.  and being the the first European research institution to implement a post-combustion CO2 capture pilot plant at a coal-fired power plant, which operates in Rotterdam (2008).

Get more out of gas

We develop innovative processes that remove H2S, SOx and CO2 from a variety of gas sources to allow safe storage of these gases or their use as feedstock for products/ energy. We help our customers by use of our established knowledge and experimental facilities. In addition to that, we can use our unique mobile gas treatment plant which can run at the customer location. Our experience in gas treatment has allowed us to demonstrate removal of harmful substances from natural gas and biogas for its possible connection to the grid or for onsite burning. We support the complex large scale implementation of CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage (CCS) by giving companies and governments advice on technological, economical and safety aspects.

Partner in research and process innovation

We develop technology solutions which have economical, environmental and technical advantages over existing gas processing plants. We assist our clients by screening innovative ideas on their technological and economic feasibility by means of proof-of-concept studies. Successfully screened ideas are further developed along for pilot scale demonstrations. Our expertise is used also to come up with new concepts to use CO2 as a feedstock or to convert gas to liquid, as well as debottlenecking process-installation.

Sustainable Process & Energy Systems

Dr Jaap Vente

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