Data security and sharing

TNO supports organisations in the area of data sharing and the associated data security. And this support is sorely needed because data is typically fragmented across various databases and organisations. We ensure that it’s the data owners who decide whether their data is made available to others. And under which conditions. 

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Depending on the wishes of those data owners, we use different techniques and methodologies. These vary from low-barrier access to high-end secure data sharing. All that we do in the area of data security is carefully aligned and compliant with business and legal requirements.

“ With our secure data solution, we can analyze sensitive data from various parties safely. We can do this, without needing to share that data.” Thijs Veugen, Sr. Scientist Information Security

A multi-disciplinary approach to secure data sharing

All AI-enabled applications feed on data. They need it to learn, improve their predictions and ultimately their decisions. Bringing the relevant data together is often difficult and expensive. It calls for built-in trust, technical expertise and a thorough understanding of the processes and business logic. TNO adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to data security, to meet all conditions for a given situation. We also create standards for exchanging data across domains and sectors.

Shared data security is particularly important in healthcare and manufacturing. In healthcare it vastly improves decision-making. Diagnoses are better and quicker, resulting in earlier warnings, better treatment and saved lives. In manufacturing, suppliers often make only part of a final product. Here, sharing information could give unscrupulous suppliers an unfair advantage, so any data-sharing mechanism needs built-in safeguards. In both these domains privacy is crucial and must be designed in. TNO uses various technologies to underscore data security.

Data Security and Data Sharing: What does TNO offer?

  • We develop algorithms for multi-party computation and federated learning and blockchain solutions. This enables organisations to learn from one another’s data, without having to disclose it.
  • We set up ecosystems/governance structures to share data across multiple parties.
  • We develop standards for autonomous, controlled and ultimately audit-proof data sharing (data platforms).
  • We support organisations or groups of organisations that need control over data sharing.
  • We also participate in several standardisation initiatives, such as International Data Spaces. Among other things, this is laying the foundations for the concept of data autonomy.
Our work

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