Every day, as a matter of course, we make use of the infrastructure and buildings built by the construction and engineering sectors. Construction makes a crucial contribution to our society. The quality and effectiveness of the building & construction sector determines the strength of our economy and the vitality of the environment in which we live.

Energy in the built environment

The built environment in our country must be energy-neutral by 2050. Building & construction will contribute to making our society more sustainable by 2050 through:

  • the building of new, energy-neutral or even energy-producing houses
  • sustainable renovation of existing housing and offices
  • the creation of the necessary networks and local energy infrastructure for this purpose
  • making the residential and office building sectors fully circular.

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The existing infrastructure is becoming obsolete. Through innovation and research TNO contributes to the maintenance, repair and renovation of the existing infrastructure. TNO thus contributes to future-proof roads, locks, bridges and tunnels.

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Building quality, innovation and field labs

Many innovative ideas are generated in the building & construction industry. By sharing knowledge and providing advice, TNO helps to make these ideas a reality. We work together with our partners and customers in field labs. Good examples of this are:

  • Monitoring systems on the Brienenoord Bridge and Bridge 705 in Amsterdam to determine the remaining lifespan of bridges.
  • BuildinG in Groningen, where work is being done with Hanze University of Applied Sciences on the development of reinforcement techniques for earthquake-resistant construction.
  • Nero Zero house in Heerhugowaard, where innovative ventilation and climate systems are demonstrated for affordable energy-neutral housing.

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The Dutch greenhouse sector is at the forefront of the construction of high-tech horticultural greenhouses for fresh vegetables and flowers. High-tech greenhouses are in themselves becoming an important export product, in addition to the vegetables and flowers that grow in them. TNO supports the greenhouse construction sector with knowledge and innovations to strengthen its leading position in the world.

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Sensors developed by TNO to listen to crack propagation



License agreement on innovative cool bricks in Malawi

05 July 2019
TNO and Terrastone ltd – a major construction firm in Malawi – signed a license agreement to kick off the production of cold ceramic bricks. TNO developed these strong, red ‘cool bricks’, which can be... Read more