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Growth charts for preterm infants

These growth charts have been designed to monitor growth of prematurely born infants, born after a gestational age of 25-36 weeks. References were calculated using data of children without comorbidity other than related to prematurity (for example no congenital malformations).

Physicians, nurses, trained assistants and other medical professionals may use and interpret the chart for preterm children in the same way as charts for term children. Measurements are plotted at the calendar age of the child since birth. No correction for prematurity is needed.

More information can be found in Bocca-Tjeertes IFA, van Buuren S, Bos AF, Kerstens JM, ten Vergert EM & Reijneveld SA. Growth of preterm and fullterm children aged 0-4 years: Integrating median growth and variability in growth charts. Journal of Pediatrics 2012, submitted.


It is permitted to download and print the charts for personal use. The files may not be changed, distributed or sold without written permission of the copyright holders. All rights reserved.


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