Traffic and Transport: 'Helping to create liveable, sustainable cities'

Efficient mobility and logistics are vital to the prosperity and well-being of society. The great challenge today is to manage the ever-growing number of movements of people and goods. TNO’s ambition is to help create liveable, sustainable cities through clean, safe, reliable and affordable mobility and logistics.

Urban areas are growing larger, busier, and more complex all the time. This is impairing the viability of their living environment and their competitive position. To overcome these developments we need both a long-term vision and ongoing, concrete solutions.


Our vision has three core components: end users, self-organization, and smart communications. End users, both consumers and companies, want healthy, sustainable, safe and efficient transport for themselves and their goods. To make this possible we need smart logistics and mobility systems, in the form of self-organisation and smart communications. These could include concrete solutions such as packages that make their own decisions about what transport modes to use, and cars that exchange information with each other as well as with roadside systems and even cyclists. Efficiency and safety then go hand in hand.


It is vital for us to better understand the complexity of these systems, and all their interdependencies, if we are to make them sustainable and future-proof. TNO’s technological innovations are making a significant contribution to this understanding. The Traffic & Transport Unit aspires to strengthen the Netherlands’ international position by providing innovative solutions to mobility and logistics problems, as our involvement in large-scale projects in Europe and as far away as China shows.

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