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If you are looking for information on a specific subject or want to find out what TNO could do for you, just select a theme that relates to your field of interest. Once you select a particular subject, you will get the name of a TNO employee who will be able to tell you more. If you are unable to specify your particular field of interest, then simply select the current themes or use the search engine located at the top of this page. And you can, of course, always contact the TNO Infodesk

TNO Corporate Staff

The operational organisation with the various staff services can be found here. TNO is also present in Brussels, Quatar and teh Caribbean.

Knowledge centres

TNO has established, together with universities, some 30 knowledge centres to develop knowledge in carefully selected fields. These knowledge centres function as innovation centres. It is not only universities but also companies that participate with TNO in knowledge centres.


TNO customers tend, for the most part, to commercialise the knowledge developed for them by TNO. However, TNO also commercialises knowledge where the market is yet in its infancy and thus might remain unexploited. In such cases TNO sets up a company under the auspices of TNO Companies to get that knowledge to the marketplace.


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