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Food contains an ever-increasing number of ingredients, and traceability in the supply chain therefore remains important. At the same time, the demand for food continues to grow. The agri-food sector introduces more than 15,000 products per year and, in doing so, seeks flexibility in product development within national and international legislation.

The food industry is facing enormous challenges. Today’s large-scale food production has a considerable impact on the environment, and the demand for food continues to rise with the growth in prosperity and the world population. The world population is increasing, and so is the number of overweight people and people suffering from diabetes and food allergies. As globalisation progresses, the risk of manageable food incidents is increasing.
TNO is responding to these developments with a multidisciplinary research programme, which involves working on methods and insights to help the agri-food sector innovate safely and to support the public sector in policymaking. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are strong in the area of translating fundamental scientific insights into customised applications.

Cooperating in consortia

Translation into customised applications takes the form of research projects, many of which are commissioned by international companies. In addition, we often work with a group of companies in a consortium. In this context, we formulate agreements as to how the parties involved will use the results. TNO regularly brings together relevant parties in consortia. This extensive network means that we are a highly sought-after research partner in various public-private partnerships (PPPs) and open innovation networks in the Netherlands and the European Union.

Healthy, food-safe and innovative

This Innovation Area has three topics:

  • Healthy food
    We are working on methods that facilitate the fast and accurate measurement of the health effects of food. We are developing models for analysing various aspects of the human digestive system and for giving companies information on the health effects of ingredients.
  • Food Safety
    We develop methods that enable manufacturers and the public sector to quickly assess the toxicological safety of complex products. Points of focus are: efficient testing for allergenicity in foods and timely intervention for potential food incidents.
  • Innovative food concepts
    A comprehensive approach that allows manufacturers to bring healthy and sustainable innovations to the market more quickly. This programme focuses on issues such as recipe improvement (reducing sugar and salt content, clean labelling), production processes (new separation and drying processes and 3D printing technology) and product quality (flavour, texture, storage life).

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