The space industry plays a crucial role in the daily life of everyone on Earth. Satellites for communication, navigation and observation – as well as their innovative information systems, terminals and high-tech instruments – are becoming a unique part of our planet’s infrastructure.

TNO works with the public sector, Dutch businesses, institutes and universities to carry out research in the field of space technology, thereby contributing to a safe, secure and sustainable world.

Information generated by satellites is a key source for communication, navigation and identifying terrestrial resources. This information plays a crucial role in identifying and predicting threats to the Earth and its inhabitants, such as natural disasters, extreme weather, climate change and pollution.

Applications and solutions

Instruments, components and technologies that were originally designed for use in space are leading to applications in other markets, for example in medicine and security, and in the semiconductor industry. Utilising the possibilities created by planetary research can lead to solutions for scarcity problems, such as those relating to raw materials and clean energy.

Instruments and satellites

TNO – together with its national and international partners – is known worldwide as a top developer of instruments for scientific research, including space research, and sensors for satellites. Dozens of satellites are equipped with systems that have been designed, built and tested by TNO. Among other things, they measure ozone concentrations on Earth so that, for example, timely ozone alerts or smog alerts can be given when pollution levels are high. We are also contributing to the development of space telescopes in the search for the origins of the universe.


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