Safe and Clean Transport

Smart vehicle technology will enable the number of traffic victims as well as emissions and fuel consumption to be reduced. If existing navigation and safety systems are extended with communication to infrastructure and other vehicles (cooperative systems), smart vehicles can also enable better traffic flow.

This requires in-car systems and applications: an opportunity for Dutch business. If they develop these systems, they can double the economic activity.

Despite the energy scarcity and the imminent climate crisis, the demand for mobility is increasing. Therefore, the transport system worldwide must be made sustainable. In the coming decades we therefore want to develop the necessary new technologies and link them to policy frameworks. We are thinking of a fieldlab for electric transport, high-blend biofuels and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). And making the source, the means of transport, cleaner, quieter and more efficient. In the western world the coming five to ten years will be crucial for the transition to sustainable mobility; in this period the foundations for the future will be laid. If we want enough sustainable vehicles on the road by 2040/2050, then we have to begin now to field-test and within five to ten years begin laying the energy infrastructure and market introduction.

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