Oil & Gas

In Europe TNO has an acknowledged position in the subsurface and subsurface minerals. Our knowledge covers the total system of natural gas and oilfields, and we also do extensive CCS and geothermal energy research. Furthermore, we are a global knowledge leader in clean gas from coal. Good reason, therefore, to search for solutions within this innovation area that will make the energy supply more efficient and fossil fuels more ‘climate-neutral’.

Gas hub

This may offer logistical solutions for gas production and supply through our system knowledge and niche technologies whereby we help to realise the ambition of the government to make the Netherlands a ‘gas hub’: a key logistical axis in Northwest and West Europe for natural gas production, storage, transport and transhipment. Our knowledge of the complex subsurface fields means we can contribute to the production of marginal gas reserves (unconventional reserves). However, the Dutch government also has to hit its CO2 reduction targets for 2020. To this end TNO is developing CCS technology that will drastically boost the capture and storage capacity and reduce the associated costs.

Sustainable energy supply

In addition, we will be executing at least ten successful ‘showcases’ before the end of 2015 to show how the production profitability of (well studied) reservoirs can be increased; very interesting for the oil world. We can also produce gas and oil from marginal fields (reserves from highly difficult reservoirs in sometimes extreme circumstances). This will make new gas and oil reserves available and thus boost security of supply. This new knowledge is also important for the Dutch input in international partnerships and for Dutch suppliers.


As leader of a national research programme, TNO delivers the requisite knowledge on geothermal electricity. In the Netherlands we want to be able to produce 300 MWe by 2030 at the latest. TNO’s research and technology is contributing to the production of 2 GWe of geothermal electricity in Europe and in developing countries. In Europe that is almost 5% of the total electricity production. In developing countries like Indonesia, that share can be more in favourable geological conditions.


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