TNO combines expertise in vehicle engineering, broad experience of ICT applications and knowledge of driver behaviour and the traffic system all within a social context where quality of life and pressure for space are key issues. Some 400 TNO professionals are at hand to provide the right kind of advice and deliver clever products that integrate elements of policy, behaviour and technology.

There is a real opportunity to improve the current transport system by using additional capacity and the clever use of ICT in both vehicles and infrastructure to optimise the networks. Comprehensive traffic management enables traffic streams to be steered and new mobile services bring information and convenience to the user. The focused and accelerated introduction of new technologies for fuels, power trains and emissions makes traffic cleaner. TNO has extensive knowledge of the entire chain of vehicle emissions, traffic systems, emission distribution and impact on health.

Safer, cleaner and more efficient

TNO is working on integrating passive and active safety through the use of intelligence in vehicles and the supervision of traffic flows, driver behaviour and the design of infrastructure and information systems. In terms of logistics TNO develops innovative concepts and advises on cooperation between freight carriers, use of new information, cost minimisation and multimodal transport. TNO is aware of the significance of the many European projects involving TNO in the area of mobility. Further information on these projects is available at TNO’s webpages of EU projects. For a unified presentation of these projects we can also refer to the publication 'TNO moving forward ... to safer, cleaner and more efficient mobility'. The English brochure of the market TNO Mobility can be downloaded here.


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