The Impact of Online Slacktivism

More and more ordinary people are expressing their opinions whilst simply having fun online. They can even have more of a positive effect in the world than they ever could have by taking to the streets with placards and megaphones. But what is the impact of these 'slacktivists' on firms and governments and how can these organisations respond? TNO is carrying out research to find out and invites you to participate and share in the results!

TNO started to study these 'slacktivists' in 2010. Last year, the research team explored how social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) drive ordinary people to raise their voice online and act upon their opinion. This year, the research team focuses on how the slacktivists affects policies and strategies of firms. For example, what should firms do in response to slacktivism?

Share interesting slacktivism examples

We invite you to share cases you know of online activism or slacktivism by adding to our list. Did a recent case attract your attention where an organisation (firm or government) was put under pressure by a group of activists using the internet to gather support or to get their message across? Have a look at our growing list of cases and add your own example by clicking here.

Some highlights from our list of cases:

  • Greenpeace targeted two energy firms by using 30-second mock-adverts to gather public support against the building of new coal-fired power stations on the Dutch coast. On April 7th one firm decided to stop building.
  • Online blog editor Ian Murphy imitated a friend of Wisconsin Governer Scott Walker in a prank phone call to draw attention to the proposed bill to end collective bargaining rights for civil workers. Although attracting massive attention, this stunt did not prevent the bill being passed.
  • In February this year in the UK, government plans to privatise forests were scrapped after an online campaign organised by the Woodland Trust and others.


Click here to see or share your own cases


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