Healthy Living

Physical and mental health is fundamental to personal well-being and quality of our society. Prosperity has brought us longer and more comfortable lives but has also resulted in people outside the employment process, people who consume to excess or consume the wrong things and children and young people that get sidelined. TNO is committed to combining technology and social innovation to enable more healthy participation of people in our society.

Good health is top of many people’s list of happiness factors, and a healthy living means healthy participation in society, healthy lifestyle and good care. Work (paid or otherwise) is, moreover, one of the main factors for useful participation in society. Keys to a healthy lifestyle are aspects like exercise, food and nutrition, habitat and how you work and your working conditions.

Healthy living in the future will require breakthroughs in (the interfaces between) the domains of work, habitat, food and nutrition, medicines, care and recreation, something that requires cooperation among all involved. The manner of innovation in these sectors is developing at a rapid tempo and is occurring more and more interactively with the user (user-led innovation) or in consortia of companies and other organisations (open innovation). While these innovations deserve every possible scope, safety has to be secured.


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