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EFFECTS - software for safety- and hazard analysis

EFFECTS is advanced software to assist you in performing safety analysis for the (petro)chemical industry throughout the whole chain, from exploration to use. It calculates the effects of the accidental release of hazardous chemicals, allowing you to take steps to reduce the risks involved.

EFFECTS is used for safety analysis in the chemical industry

Physical effects of accidents

EFFECTS calculates and clearly presents in tables, graphs and on geographical maps, the physical effects of any accident scenario with toxic and/or flammable chemicals. Contours of effects like overpressure and heat radiation and consequences like lethality and structural damage, provide safety professionals valuable information for hazard identification, safety analysis, quantitative risk analysis (QRA) and emergency planning.

Calculation Models and chemicals

EFFECTS offers a complete range of calculation models for accidents with storage and transportation of chemicals: from release-, evaporation- and dispersion models to fire-, explosion- and damage models. These models can be used and linked manually or EFFECTS can select and run the relevant models fully automatically for you. With its advanced chemical database containing toxic, flammable and thermodynamic properties of over 2000 chemicals, EFFECTS is able to handle a large variety of substances. An integrated editor allows a detailed definition of your own chemicals.

The Coloured Books

EFFECTS originates from the Yellow Book and Green Book, which provide solid scientific information and are recognized internationally as reference works for consequence analysis. EFFECTS as a software program continues to be further developed by TNO and is since many years effectively used by industrial companies, governments and research institutes world-wide.

All-in-one Consequence Analysis

A license of EFFECTS is all you need for Consequence Analysis: it comes with over 50 different models and tools, an extensive chemical database, a fully integrated GIS system, advanced graph support and formatted reports. Licensing is flexible: the software is free to install and use as a viewer of already calculated projects. A valid license is only needed for saving projects, doing calculations and having access to the extended chemical database.


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Our work

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