Energy: ‘Faster towards a sustainable energy supply'

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april 1st 2018 TNO and ECN continue together as ECN part of TNO

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By far the biggest challenge worldwide during the next few decades is the transition from a fossil-fuel based energy system to sustainable alternatives. Over the coming period the focus will be on hybrid energy systems, whereby we will be combining different fossil and sustainable sources. TNO wants to employ innovations, both technical and non-technical, to accelerate the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply.

Industry and government ask us to deliver the technology and knowledge for this. For many years we have been researching sustainable and, on route to this, hybrid energy systems. In our energy vision of 2030, published in September 2016 as ‘Faster towards a sustainable energy supply’, we reveal how hybrid systems can act as a link to a sustainable future.  We indicate the opportunities there are for our country and the action that is necessary to achieve all of the climate targets that have been agreed nationally, within the EU and internationally for the years 2020, 2030 and 2050.

The Netherlands in a strong position

Our country has a number of strengths that enable us to play a significant role in the energy transition. Like our strategic geographical position, high-grade infrastructure, strong maritime, offshore and chemical sectors, longstanding knowledge and experience of natural gas, a tradition of cross-domain collaboration. The role of the Netherlands here is mainly one of transport, conversion and trade of sustainable energy. There are also considerable opportunities in the laying, management and maintenance of a large-scale energy infrastructure in the North Sea. We must use our strong position in fossil resources for the technology and infrastructure of sustainable applications and thus the acceleration of the energy transition.

Collaboration is crucial

Collaboration, national and international, across domains, between knowledge organisations, industry and government, is crucial to enable the energy transition to succeed. As TNO we will support innovations through our labs as well as in practice through field labs and living labs. This will all help accelerate the intended transition.

To find out more about our role in the energy transition contact us.

Based on eight innovation programmes, ECN part of TNO started in April 2018 as the new centre of excellence for energy issues. The development of the eight programmes is in full swing and the details of these new innovation programmes will be online on the new ECN part of TNO website at TNO.NL from 1 July. Until then, the innovation programmes (now roadmaps) and associated projects will remain online unmodified.

ECN part of TNO

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