April 15, 2014
Number of children with life -threatening obesity has increased enormously

The number of children with life threatening form of overweight (morbid obesity) increased in 30 years from 0.08% to 0.56%. In the Netherlands, this equates to 18,500 children with morbid obesity in the age of 2-18 years. Morbid obesity is two to four times more common for children of Turkish and Moroccan origin and in children whose parents are relatively low skilled. ... Read more»

April 10, 2014
New integrated approach in early detection of diabetes

TNO-led consortium recently got the final approval from “The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development, ‘ZonMw’ to start a challenging and promising project focusing on the early detection of the development of various diabetic complications in one single mouse model that closely mimics the human situation. This two-year project aims to deliver a predict... Read more»

April 07, 2014
Promoting health and safety in the workplace with the practical tool Open Kaart inPreventie

Getting attention for health and safety in the workplace? Starting the discussion with management easily? Getting an insight into risks and interventions quickly? TNO has developed the practical tool Open Kaart inPreventie for prevention officers. Open Kaart inPreventie is part of inPreventie; the platform for and by prevention officers.... Read more»

March 20, 2014
TNO and BAM are working together to construction sites safer

TNO and BAM have jointly developed the B-Alert project to further reduce the number of accidents on construction sites. The collaboration aims to combine the practical experience of BAM with the scientific knowledge TNO in order to develop new insights. ... Read more»

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