Electronic Defence

The Electronic Defence department primarily works for the government (departments), and the Dutch Ministry of Defence in particular. The department supports users in obtaining the right information, at the required time, using electronic equipment. Wherever necessary, our own intentions will be revealed. In addition, electronic equipment will also be used to deny unwanted access to information and to mislead opponents. In all cases, it is essential to possess knowledge about the chain from source to objective, and everything found in between.

Electronic Defence has a strong multidisciplinary character. The group consists of highly qualified electro-technicians, physicians and scientists. Domain knowledge is an integral part of the department. The products include advice, assistance, demonstration and preparation, and performing (inter) national exercises. The department generally works within TNO and with international partners in order to obtain additional specialisations or to enhance its own capacities.


Ir. Philip Weimar

  • elektromagnetisch
  • elektro-optiek
  • signaturen
  • cyber
  • elektronische oorlogsvoering

70 jaar Defensie Onderzoek

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