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Jan-Diederik van Wees

EMAIL: [email protected], [email protected]
TEL: +31651338919


In my research I promote integrated numerical model development and applied integrated studies in the following fields of research:

  • Linkage of lithospheric, basin and magmatic processes, to predict resource quality with focus on tectonic heat flow and temperatures
  • Linkage of lithospheric and basin processes, to predict resource productivity and safety with focus on natural stress, fractures, induced seismicity, temperature
  • Probabilistic techniques for techno-economic analysis and performance assessment
  • Joint inversion and data assimilation

For cost-effective geothermal exploration and safe exploitation of geothermal resources,  knowledge of temperature and prediction of achievable flow rates at drillable depth is a prerequisite for site selection. Tectonic studies assessing fault rheology, crustal stress and fracture permeability provide critical constraints for enhancing natural flow performance and for predicting levels of induced seismicity. The development of innovative combinations of multi-scale multi-physics modelling techniques is key to better understand the spatial and temporal variations in crustal stress, temperature, gravity, and to provide helpful constraints for geothermal exploration and production.

In addition, I aim to develop novel techniques for the techno-economic performance of geothermal resources and demonstrate its value for informed decisions under uncertainty at different aggregation levels including prospect, portfolio, and regional/national policy perspective.


  • Play based portfolio approach for de-risking geothermal exploration, being applied in 10+ million national exploration programs, including the EZK and RVO funded  UDG/SCAN and  LEAN, respectively.
  • Advanced forward and inversion models for the deep thermal and rheological structure of sedimentary basins for geothermal exploration, applied at Global, European and National scale
  • Novel 3D geomechanical models for prediction of stress changes and earthquake catalogues for gas depletion and geothermal energy production, applied for Groningen Field studies
  • Tectonics based concepts for geothermal resource development in Indonesia, Mexico, and Tanzania providing key insights in natural processes influencing geothermal prospectivity in magmatic areas
  • Services to international geothermal research community including
    • Vice President European Technological Innovation Platform-Deep Geothermal
    • Coordinator subprogramme exploration EERA-Joint Programme Geothermal Energy


  • Eszter Bekesi (EU H2020 GEMEX)
  • Epiphania Mtabasi (NUFFIC NICHE)
  • Bob Paap (TNO)
  • Ahmed Purwandono (Indonesia-NL Geocapacity building program GEOCAP)
  • Lukman Sutrisno (Indonesia-NL Geocapacity building program GEOCAP)
  • Arjan Marelis (MOOI WarmingUP)
  • Vincent van Hoegaarden (NWO DEEPNL Physmax)


  • Gies, C., Struijk, M., Békési, E., Veldkamp, H., van Wees, J.D., 2021. “An effective method for paleo-temperature correction of 3D thermal models: A demonstration based on high resolution datasets in the Netherlands”, Global and Planetary Change,
  • J.D. Van Wees, M. Pluymaekers, S. Osinga, S., et al. “3D Mechanical Analysis of Complex Reservoirs: a novel mesh-free approach. Geophysical Journal International”, 219 (2), 1118-1130, 2019.
  • J. Limberger, T. Boxem, M. Pluymaekers, et al.  ”Geothermal energy in deep aquifers: A global assessment of the resource base for direct heat utilization”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82, 961-975,  2018.


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