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RISKCURVES - Software for Quantitative Risk Assessment

Storage and transport of hazardous materials impose risks to surrounding population and structures, both in the urban environment as at (petro-) chemical facilities. RISKCURVES can quantify these risks and easily identify the highest risk activities. It can be used for mitigating these high risk activities, urban planning and complying to criteria required by legislation.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

While Consequence Analyses calculates the physical effects of a single accident with a dangerous substance, a QRA takes multiple accident scenario's with multiple equipments into account and quantifies the total risk it has to human life. The calculated risks are expressed in terms of Individual- and Societal Risks.

CPR 18E - Guidelines for QRA ("the Purple Book")

The publication CPR 18E provides important guidelines on defining a QRA. It is used around the world as valuable standard reference material in safety studies and can be downloaded freely via www.tno.nl/colouredbooks. These guidelines are the basis for RISKCURVES, resulting in a world-wide accepted, coherent and consistent QRA calculation tool.

Powerful, yet easy to use

Societal Risk Maps in RISKCURVES

RISKCURVES offers the full functionality to do a complete QRA, yet was designed to have a short learning curve for both the input phase, the analyses and presentation of the results. Its user interface allows projects to be defined quickly and results are easy to integrate in other Windows programs.
A unique functionality of RISKCURVES is the "societal risk map": a geographical presentation of societal risk, providing insight-at-a-glance even for non-specialists.

A complete QRA-suite

A license of RISKCURVES comes with an extensive database of over 2000 components based on DIPPR-2010®, and the full consequence analyses software EFFECTS. The software itself is free to install and use as a viewer of already calculated projects. A valid license is needed for saving projects, doing calculations and having access to the extended chemical database.

Download RISKCURVES here

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