Fair, transparent and trustworthy AI

Current AI systems are far from perfect and make decisions that are difficult to understand. Acceptance of AI systems in society demands transparent algorithms and compliance with legislation and regulations. AI systems should be trusted to operate reliably in adverse conditions. Moreover, they need to respect ethical principles, guidelines and values. At TNO we want to ensure that AI systems are fair, transparent and trustworthy.

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Designing AI systems that tick all the right boxes

AI algorithms must be fair, unbiased and accurate. But making them so can be difficult. Data sets (= fuel of AI algorithms) are often biased. Designers of AI algorithms need to become aware of unwanted biases and should develop methods to detect and remove them. Laws against discrimination demand that decision taken by AI algorithms should not depend on protected data attributes, such as gender and ethnicity. Simply removing these attributes from the data is not enough, because that information can still be found in correlated attributes.

Modern AI algorithms are very accurate. But their ‘black box’ nature, makes them non-transparent and hard to understand. In many applications, this lack of AI transparency impedes their acceptance by society. In order to operate safely and securely, AI systems must also be able to deal with unforeseen situations and hostile attacks.

In conclusion, we need to design and verify AI systems that are fair, transparent and trustworthy.

What does TNO offer on Fair, transparent and
trustworthy AI?

  • At TNO we design fair algorithms that reduce the impact of unwanted biases. Our algorithms also safeguard against the improper use of protected data attributes, like gender and ethnicity.
  • We design transparent AI algorithms that enable the user to be accountable and clear about the factors that influence the algorithmic decisions.
  • We design trustworthy AI-based systems that can be used effectively, safely and securely in dynamic, complex and adverse situations.
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