Defence, Safety and Security: ‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’

For a society to enjoy prosperity and well-being it is essential that the people in it are, and feel, safe. For Henk Geveke, managing director of Defence, Safety & Security, it is important to support those who make this safety possible. “Whether it’s for the army, the police, the fire service or the business community, we’re putting our knowledge and technology to work in order to create innovations that can help those who are devoting themselves to our safety and security every day.”

Safety is about both physical and digital security, and it encompasses both reality and our perception of it. Today’s opponents can ignore national borders, and it’s not always clear who the enemy actually is. “That’s why it’s important that we give our people the best technical means available, and then help them to get the best out of those technologies, themselves, and their teams,” says Henk Geveke.

Our work in Defence, Safety & Security focuses on technological and behavioural innovations across four main areas.

70 years of Defence Research


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