‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’. It is crucial for prosperity and well-being that society is safe and feels safe. But safety cannot be taken for granted. Whether it concerns defense, police, business or others, TNO uses its knowledge and technology to create innovations for people who are safeguarding our peace and security on a daily basis. We are the allies of military and security professionals, in the Netherlands and abroad. And support them with technological and behavioral innovations.

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Security is about spanning the physical and the digital. Both experience and reality. The front line of our peace and security is constantly shifting. With changing threats no longer constrained by national borders. That is why it is important that we provide our partners with superior support and preparation. And state-of-the-art materiel that is better than anywhere else in the world.

On land, at sea, or in the air. Between cyber and space. We push boundaries globally, with science and innovation at the front line. With science and innovation at the front line. That is why we focus on the following four areas:

Operations & Human Factors

The armed forces have to operate effectively, efficiently and flexibly. This means ensuring the timely and appropriate procurement of new equipment, new operational concepts, well-supported exercises and missions, and optimal strike power. TNO supports the Dutch armed forces with innovative analysis and evaluation methods, models, and the latest simulation technologies.

Information & Sensor Systems

At a time of widespread reductions in available manpower, the need for and availability of information are increasingly exponentially. A superior information position brings a crucial tactical advantage. Information superiority facilitates the management and organisation of military forces, so that all resources can be utilised to full effect. With its knowledge of heterogeneous sensor networks linked to knowledge of processes and the military domain, TNO can help, in particular with regard to technology development.

National Security

National crisis management is undergoing a process of rapid development, particularly as the result of new information technologies. The Defence, Safety and Security unit is continuously developing new knowledge in trending security and technology areas, and working on new applications to advance national security.

Protection, Munitions & Weapons

Military personnel must be able to operate effectively, safely and securely in varying operational situations. The Dutch comprehensive protection model links physical protection, mission goals and costs. In addition to providing physical protection, the model is designed, for example, to prevent damage by identifying threats in advance and, if necessary, intercepting them. TNO can also assist in the cost-effective and safe acquisition, maintenance and use of weapons systems and munitions.