Modelling, Simulation and Gaming

Which aircraft type meets the requirements in the best way? How does a new district need to be designed? How can personnel be trained in a cheaper way? Modelling and Simulation can assist in finding an answer to all these types of questions.

Modelling of environment and population for training missions

The department of Modelling, Simulation and Gaming (MSG) at TNO has expertise and facilities in this area. Main subjects are environment modelling and dynamic modelling of humans and systems in this environment. Our expertise is the application of Modelling & Simulation to meet our customers' challenges of improving their existing capabilities and in developing new capabilities. The MSG expertise enables TNO to use advanced simulation technologies and effectively address the strategic and operational problems of our customers. Examples are military operations in Afghanistan and evacuations of cities in case of a flood.
Our advanced Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) Environment (ACE), is an important tool for the interactive analysis of customer needs and its translation into the reality of the operational environment.

Our expertise

MSG is characterized by three distinguishing areas of expertise:

  • Simulation Systems Engineering
    Simulation architectures and development methods, Verification and Validation of simulations.
  • Synthetic Environment Modelling
    3D Terrain and objectmodelling based on real-world data.
  • System & Behaviour Modelling
    Behaviour of simulated humans and systems.

These areas of expertise are described in more detail in their separate pages, of which you find the links below (coming soon). Knowledge of the different areas is usually combined in most projects and products of MSG.
An important aspect in all expertise areas is our know-how in distributed simulation architectures, the main exponents being the international standards HLA (High Level Architecture) and DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation).

Application and impact

Applications of Modelling & Simulation

Modelling and Simulation are important for cost efficient development of new products, innovations or training methods. Besides cost reduction, modelling and simulation also play a role in sustainability. By simulating a training, the use of polluting vehicles or weapons is no longer required. Furthermore, our Concept Development & Experimentation procedures make sure that the customer's requirements are met in a better way, thereby reducing the chances of unnecessary failures.
MSG solves complex questions in the area of Modelling and Simulation using the newest techniques and standards. We offer support during planning, execution, analysis and evaluation of experiments. For this, we have an extensive amount of analytical and simulation models.
You can find examples in the links at the bottom of this page.

Our work

Simulating land, sea and air based weapon systems

Testing and analysing complex weapon systems at land, sea and air. TNO offers these possibilities with its proven simulation software, JROADS. Read more
Our work

FACSIM: training simulator for Forward Air Controllers

The training of Forward Air Controllers nowadays heaviliy depends on live training with real aircraft. But this is expensive and bad for the environment, as well as dependent on a number of variable factors,... Read more
Our work

Effective with Concept Development through Experimentation

You can learn from experimenting. Increase the chances of success by testing concepts in practice before implementation. This is possible with Concept Development through Experimentation (CD&E). Military... Read more
Our work

Simulation: Live, Virtual and Constructive

"Using satellite data and other data collected yesterday, we practice today for tomorrow's mission" For TNO, that is the essence of simulation research. By integrating Live, Virtual and Constructive simulations... Read more
Our work

SketchaWorld: from sketch to virtual world

Virtual world creation often starts with designers sketching their vision, and proceeds with months of manual 3D modelling and fine-tuning all the small details of this world. Novel, semi-automated modelling... Read more

Expertise groups

Geert Roseboom

  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Gaming

70 years of Defence Research


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