Perceptual and Cognitive Systems

The TNO expertise group Perceptual and Cognitive Systems optimises situational awareness, decision-making and human behaviour through research into the interaction and collaboration between people and technical systems, as well as the effect these systems and their environment have on human behaviour and motivation.

Ashley, one of the smart interfaces we have developed

User-centred design is a key approach in our projects. Together with end users we run through iterative cycles of conceptual design, specification and evaluation of systems that enable people to perform effectively, efficiently and safely. Studies with human subjects are done both in the laboratory in simulated environments and in the real world.

Our expertise

  • Multi-modal perception (vision, hearing, smell, touch and balance), and system innovation, design and testing to optimise perception;
  • Cognition and artificial intelligence, and system innovation, design and testing to optimise human-machine interaction and collaboration;
  • User interface innovation, design, and testing to positively influence human behaviour, performance and motivation;
  • Measuring and improving traffic safety related to driving behaviour, and the effect of road layout, signposting and dynamic traffic management on behaviour;
  • Driver state (fatigue, alcohol, high workload) and special groups (elderly, youngsters) and driver coaching;
  • Modelling perception, cognition and behaviour to predict effectiveness, efficiency and safety of current and future systems.

Market domains

Our driving simulator

We provide advice, guidelines, products and interventions, the value of which we have proved through applied research. We have a nationally leading technology position. We focus on markets such as defence, public safety, health care and mobility. Our facilities include:

  • Driving simulators (demo, fixed-base, motion-base, truck-sim)
  • Desdemona
  • Instrumented vehicle (INCA)
  • Integrated Command Environment (ICE)
  • Optical corridor, audio hall & brain-machine lab
  • Innovation space (virtual agents, robots)
Our work

Tanker Remote Vision System

TNO developed the Tanker Remote Vision System (TRVS), with corresponding spare parts, documentation and testing equipment to the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Read more
Our work


EU Project: Simulation of UPset Recovery in Avaition Read more

Expertise groups

70 years of Defence Research


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