When an ICT dispute has become a judicial lawsuit it is necessary to bring in an expert report that provides insight into the case. As a renowned and independent research institute TNO provides expert  reports on ICT-related disputes and litigation. A TNO expert report turns a complex technical case into a clear and understandable picture for all involved (process) parties, prosecutors and judges.

For complex technical issues, when an expert opinion from an independent party is requested, and in-depth knowledge of the ICT domain is required for the assessment, a TNO report can be decisive. TNO distinguishes the following situations:

  • Assessment of an internal issue
    When a technically complex problem occurs within an organization or business, TNO can analyze the problem and perform an assessment.
  • Dispute between two parties
    In a situation where there is a dispute between two parties (eg. customer and supplier), an independent assessment by TNO provides understanding and insight of the present situation, the background of the issue, and possibly the accountability of the problem. Often, such a report is sufficient to resolve the dispute among themselves.
  • Lawsuit
    In a legal procedure an independent expert report by TNO-experts is persuasive and can be the convincing factor during the lawsuit.

How TNO operates

The accuracy of the questions that are answered in the report is crucial for the ultimate usefulness and usability of TNO's technical analysis of the issue. For this reason,  this is the first step of the different phases of the study:

  • The mapping of the situation, the product or service in which the problem or dispute is taking place, and defining the appropriate questions of which the answers will give a clear picture of the issue (context)
  • Collecting and selecting the right information from the relevant documentation sources, hands-on experience, and interviews with stakeholders, in order to obtain a realistic view of the situation (content)
  • Analysis of the information and issues, based on the TNO expertise and experience (analysis and evaluation)
  • Concise report with key findings, analysis and TNO evaluation of the issue (reporting)

Independent and technically leading

The independent status is a fundamental value for TNO as a research institute. The result is that reports and other statements by TNO have the advantage of the highest level of reliability, and are recognized particularly credible in disputes and litigation.

TNO is a leading research with the aim to create impact and value to business and government. TNO researchers are leading in varying knowledge areas and can be deployed where needed on their own technical domain. All required knowledge is available under one roof. The result of the research is included in  a TNO report that can be brought forward during a legal procedure. If required, TNO experts can also explain their findings in court and answer questions of the court or the other party concerning the report or the research.


Dr. ir. Harrie Bastiaansen

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