Solar Energy expertise

Tempress 4-stack PECVD – copyright Robert Goddyn.

c-Si solar cell science and technology

  • Crystalline Silicon Materials science (defects, recombination, passivation, doping, mechanical strength)
  • Thin film technology
  • Semiconductor Processing (wet chemical, furnace, coating, etc.) & modelling
  • Optoelectronic device characterization & modelling
  • Technology transfer, process specification, factory ramp-up
  • Production line audit

PV module processing

  • Materials science (lamination materials and processes, conductive adhesives and other electrical connection techniques, weather sealing, optical properties, degradation, aesthetics, recycling, design for sustainability, mass customization, lightweight)
  • Power electronics, including electrical modeling, reliability and degradation
  • Module manufacturing: Automation, mass-customization, bending and curving of c-Si, lamination of sensitive PV like perovskites, tandem module manufacturing
  • Advanced failure analysis; destructive and non-destructive
  • Module characterization: including high capacity modules and non-conventional module concepts
  • Optical characterization and modeling

Applications and Integration

  • Advanced modelling: algorithm development, bifacial with realistic non-uniformities, tracking, electronically complex systems, albedo in bifacial systems, etc.
  • Safety research: arcing, parasitic capacity losses, hotspots, electronic behavior, etc.
  • Power electronics: (dynamic) shading effects, system optimization, etc.
  • Economic analysis: O&M, LCOE, cash flow, etc.
  • Outdoor testing: new module concepts, system electronic response, development of advanced test systems
  • Opportunities for co-use with agriculture and for increasing ecological values
  • PV with utility-scale battery storage systems; PV with electrolyzer
  • Project management of large multi-disciplinary R&D projects
  • Coordination of national consortia



Solar Energy: ‘Ieder oppervlak genereert elektriciteit'

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