Coen van Gulijk

Professor Digital Transformation of Safety Management Systems

The research area is part of the safety sciences, specifically where it overlaps with scientific- and commercial software development.

Research area

It is recognizable in the rapid development of safety-software offerings and the ecosystems of multi-user software stacks (traditional software development such as Storybuilder) and cloud-based stacks (Such as Amazon Web Services or Cloudera).

The introduction of AI functionality in safety management software is of special interest. In principle, single-purpose mathematical risk analysis software is excluded (such as dedicated software for fault-tree calculations, markov-models, Petri-nets and Bayesian Belief Nets) unless they become part of an integrated safety software ecosystem for multiple users and viewpoints.

Decision making systems and techniques are of special interest where the focus is on engagement and management. That makes subjects like conversational software, (safety)-meta modeling and process modeling and Enterprise architecture within the scope of this work. For specific use cases drilling into more mathematical modelling (and programming) are a must.

Recent results

PhD supervision

  • Ryan Robinson
  • Paul Singh
  • Xing Yang (almost finished)

Top publications

  • Comparison study on AIS data of ship traffic behavior; F Xiao, H Ligteringen, C Van Gulijk, B Ale; Ocean Engineering 95, 84-93 (2015)
  • Safety metaphors and theories, a review of the occupational safety literature of the US, UK and The Netherlands, till the first part of the 20th century; P Swuste, C Van Gulijk, W Zwaard; Safety science 48 (8), 1000-1018 (2010)
  • Peter Hughes, Ryan Robinson, Miguel Figueres-Esteban and Coen van Gulijk (2019) Extracting safety information from multi-lingual accident reports using an ontology-based approach, Safety Science 118, pp 288 – 297
  • Peter Hughes, David Shipp, Miguel Figueres-Esteban and Coen van Gulijk (2017) From free-text to structured safety management: Introduction of a semi-automated classification method of railway hazard reports to elements on a bow-tie diagram. Safety Science 110, Part B, PP 11-19.
  • Measuring diesel soot with a scanning mobility particle sizer and an electrical low-pressure impactor: performance assessment with a model for fractal-like agglomerates; C Van Gulijk, JCM Marijnissen, M Makkee, JA Moulijn, A Schmidt-Ott; Journal of aerosol science 35 (5), 633-655 (2004)

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