Coen van Gulijk

Senior Scientist at TNO and Professor at University of Huddersfield on Digital Transformation of Safety Management Systems

The research area is part of the safety sciences, specifically where it overlaps with scientific- and commercial software development.

Professorship chair

Digital transformation of safety management systems (University of Huddersfield).

Research area

The introduction of software and AI functionality changes the way in which we deliver safety management. But on top of that, the use of data alters, and sometimes falsifies, safety theories and assumptions. The work excludes single-purpose mathematical risk analysis software (such as dedicated software for fault-tree calculations, markov-models, Petri-nets and Bayesian Belief Nets) unless they become part of an integrated safety software ecosystem, a Big Data platform, or they are applied for the federated learning with multiple users and/or viewpoints.

Decision making systems and techniques are of special interest where the focus is on engagement and management. That makes subjects like conversational software, (safety)-meta modelling and process modelling and Enterprise architecture within the scope of this work. For specific use cases drilling into more mathematical modelling (and programming) are a must.

Top publications

  • Singh, P.; van Gulijk, C.; Sunderland, N. The BowTie as a Digital Twin: How a BowTie Looks Different from a Data Perspective. Safety 2024, 10, 34.
  • Coen van Gulijk, Elena Zaitseva & Miroslav Kvassay (eds./authors) Reliability Engineering and Computational Intelligence for complex systems: Design, Analysis and Evaluation, Springer Cham,
  • Paul Swuste, Jop Groeneweg, Coen van Gulijk, Walter Zwaard, Saul Lemkowitz and Yvette Oostendorp (2020) The future of safety. Safety Science 125, 104593.
  • Peter Hughes, David Shipp, Miguel Figueres-Esteban and Coen van Gulijk (2018) From free-text to structured safety management: Introduction of a semi-automated classification method of railway hazard reports to elements on a bow-tie diagram. Safety Science 110, Part B, PP 11-19.

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